Recess is the most exciting time for any student during their school day.   During Recess kids have the chance to enjoy themselves and have fun.  Some choose to spend their time fighting to be the king of 4 – Square, some want to be a sports star on the soccer field or basketball court, or some just simply like to attempt a journey back and forth across the monkey bars.  When the name Recess was chosen for this company it was because we want to help build on those moments for kids through the camps and recreational activities we help grow.  Even today as adults you try to find ways to re-live your glory days at Recess.

Recess specializes in the strategic planning and operations of camps and recreational sports. Even though majority of our clients are youth bases activities we can assist with adult camps and recreational events.  

Let us help plan/manage your next activity:

Youth Summer Day Camps

Youth Holiday/Seasonal Camps

Youth Leagues

Adult Leagues

Charity/Fundraiser Sports Tournaments (ex: Kickball or Dodgeball Tournaments)


Recess will assist in the hiring of seasonal staff at multiple venues.  Our staff consist of anyone from teachers to teenagers looking for their first job.  As a staff we strive to be the best we can be, and have fun while doing it.  If you are interested in a position at one of the camps Recess is managing please email Ashley. 

Ashley Turrentine 
Founder of Recess
Email - Ashley@TheRecessGroup.com 

Ashley began her journey in the camps industry when she was a Freshman in college, in 2004.  It was also the same year her mentor was beginning her own camp in Shreveport, LA.  Ashley worked by the side of Rock Solid Camp founder, Shelley McMillian and learned the ins and outs of the daily operations. Shelley at the time was also the director of the YMCA where Ashley also worked part time helping run the youth recreation programs.  

After a few years in Shreveport, Ashley began a career in the airport services industry where she moved up quickly in the company.  Within 10 months she was picked to help go train new hire employees all over the United States.  A little after a year with the company Express Jet Ashley was offered a position to be a supervisor of airport services in Ontario, California.  Ashley managed everything from the ticket counter you check-in at, to the gate where you board the plane, to the ramp where your luggage and plane is located.  By covering all these areas at the airport Ashley became very poised in her customer service skills, quick at problem solving and being ready to take on what she likes to call organized Chaos; all skills that are very important in the camps industry. 

Ashley eventually made her way back home to Houston and began working at Legends Sports Complex.  Working her way from the bottom of the company to the top Ashley again learned the skills needed for each big and small task at Legends.  After working with customer service and youth leagues,  she was given her first chance to manage a summer camp at the complex.  After her first year of managing the program she was able to grow the net revenue by 140%.  By making a few changes and organizing the chaos, and working with the marketing team to execute a new brand the camp was a huge success. Ashley continued to manage and grow the camp for the next 5 summers and added in Holiday/Seasonal camps. 

While managing the camps at Legends, Ashley had the opportunity to work with other "sister" facilities and consulted with them on how to increase their profit margins. One of those facilities was the Upward Star Center in South Carolina.  In their first week of camp at Upward Ashley was able to be onsite and consulted with the staff on ways to be more efficient. 

In 2017 Legends Sports Complex closed it's doors due to the flood damage it took on during Hurricane Harvey,  Ashley now works as a tournament director for VYPE Hoops.  VYPE is a high school sports media and events company.  This past year Ashley also managed the Summer Camps at Scrap Yard Sports.  After the first successful summer at the facility, Ashley and Scrap Yard Sports plans to continue to grow their partnership. 

Ashley enjoys working camps and considers herself a big kid!  


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